why drinking age should stay at 21 and not drop to 18

Your research paper topic may be on the subject of your choosing. You will gather information concerning your selection from the IADT library or the Internet. You may not use Wikipedia because it is not a credible source.

Your submission must also include the following:

The research paper must be organized according to your outline.
There should be a clear thesis statement.
You should have body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and thorough explanations of each idea.
Include well-organized, thoroughly developed, and clearly explained ideas (not wandering or vague).
There should be an appropriate introduction and conclusion.
You should have a college-level complexity of subject matter.
Be sure to use correct grammar, mechanics, and style.
Use APA style citations, including in-text citations and a references list.
You should use at least 3 different sources.
Use concrete, concise language and varied sentence structures. Avoid clichés, hyperbole, vague language, and unfounded generalizations.
Your submission should be typed, double-spaced text with indented first lines of paragraphs.
Use either Arial or Times New Roman, 10–12 point font (or similar legible font).
Remember to include your name, your instructor, course title, date, and paper title.
Use correct grammar, spelling, and mechanics.
Adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response.

Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements.

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