Women in Society

Reflect on your social location in Canadian society in terms of your gender(Female), race(European/white-put anything that fits), class(Middle-class), ability (e.g Artistic, working with music and paintings and put anything else that fits), sexual orientation (Straight), ethnicity (Put anything that fits) and age(Mid-twenty). What kinds of advantages or disadvantages do you think your social location has conferred on you? Rather than address each category in a descriptive format, try to provide a short analysis of the implications of one or two aspects of your social location in terms of advantages and/or disadvantages. Your response to this question should be written in proper essay format I am looking for the following basics in the entire essay: • a creative and suitable title • an introduction and conclusion • a thesis statement • relevant topic sentences • body paragraphs focused on one main idea each • a logical progression of ideas • a clear presentation of your ideas • sentences free or almost free from errors • 1inch appropriate margins.

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