Write an argument that also defines equity and state how your principal is Going against their new mission of social justice and equity.

Background Story
You are hired to teach at a predominantly Hispanic elementary school. When you get hired you find out that your principal has a staff of around 66% African Americans 20% Hispanic and 14% white/Caucasian most of the white staff are in leadership but there are a few (three) white Caucasian teachers. When you first get hired the principal tells you that your school is now a focus on social justice and equity. They bring in a consultant that aids in overcoming racism in the workplace. They make you sit through a series of trainings only to learn that the words dream and equity should never be used in the same sentence. You learn that your white principal is not qualified as a school principal because she lacks the credentials needed within the state. In fact, your principal only holds a bachelors degree and that you yourself are actually more qualified. The principal doesnt even hold a masters degree nor a certification. Although a masters degree and a certification doesnt make you a great principle but the training does help you with management skills. You are in a district that seems to be very lax on the credentials of a great leader. There are also more qualified teachers on campus that can do her job. You learn that one of the few white teachers on campus is the brother of your bosses boss and he is the highest ranked teacher in the school but it seems that he is not the best teacher at the school. Your principal has somehow position herself as the coach of her bosses brother. This means that she gets to evaluate him, which could lead to bigger pay if the rating is high enough. While working there and you realize that this certain white teacher gets opportunities that are not openly broadcast around the school. There is talk that the leader ship staff looks for opportunities for this certain white staff member so that they can justify giving him extra money. He has even been awarded a $10,000 teaching excellence and the title of distinguished teacher. There are teachers that have taught for way more years then him and have tons of more experience. These teachers could teach a flawless lesson with their eyes close. This tenured teachers have yet to receive well-deserved recognition for their work and it seems that they are looked over when it comes to earning potential and growth opportunities. Not only is your principal making poor choices in terms of her management but also her hiring. She has hired her friends as assistant principals and her friends often slack on the job. They rate teachers very low on their observations, dont support them, gossip about them, and make them feel as if their teaching skills are subpar. They copy and paste the feedback from one person to the next, meaning that they never really pay attention to what is going on in each teachers classroom. Her leadership team gives very little guidance mainly because they dont know what theyre doing. The principal knows that they dont know what theyre doing because she only hired them because they would listen to her and be her yes men. Although the principal hires a lot of African-American staff it seems that the white people get the most opportunities.

Write a letter to your superiors explaining the unjust treatment and equity issues. Explain how you feel as a black woman and a professional who has work for everything that was ever given to you. Write an argument that also defines equity and state how your principal is Going against their new mission of social justice and equity. Demand that investigation take place.

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