Write an essay on how to Break out of Prison.

Students must complete one the Effective Reentry Policy Critical Reflective Journal (CRJ) entry. Journal entries will vary on topic and format, and will be reflective of course activities, discussions, guest speakers and/or course readings. Journals should be insightful and include critical thinking, feelings, personal insights, and examples which bridges the gap between the course reading materials, class discussions, and high impact learning/visual activities. While, much of the journal is a personal reflection and viewpoint, integrating course materials readings is expected. Course professor will issue journal topics and instructions via classroom and/or Sakai as the semester progresses. All journal submissions should follow the paper writing guidelines and be typed, double-spaced, 1 margins all around, 12pt font, Times New Roman or Arial, and follow APA guidelines for citations and referencing. In each critical reflection journal entry, students will 1) discuss their viewpoint as it relates to current topic; 2) provide personal reflections with appropriate examples of their experience, if any, related to the event; 3) incorporate relevant classroom concepts, lectures, group discussions, guest speakers, and course reading materials; and 4) critically analyze the topic that signifies their civic awareness, synthesis, and/or reflection of new information that is acquired. Each journal entry should be between 4-6 pages. (See below Tips on Good Journal Writing.
Based on what you have learned so far this (special populations, educational barriers, stereotypes, economics). However, their are other obstacles men and women in transition face when leaving prison to include…employment, housing, relationship/familial, drug addiction, etc. Based on these obstacles that can keep men and women in that prison mindset, discuss what you have written in your discussion of reentry policies and programs that can help assist with their successful transition and in the group come up with a solid plan of action.

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