you are submit a bound written report of approximately 2000 words with accompanying annotated scaled drawing/sketched. For two of the elements listed below,compare the types of construction for your chosen elements used in two different commercial buildings. Elements of construction 1, external envelope (including opens) 2,frame 3, services 4, upper floors/ ceilings 5,internal walls and partitions in order to complete this report it will be necessary for you to carry out research.For support, you will find on the module blackboard site under the resources tab: A listing of books which may help Photos of modern construction The videos of House Construction made by UWE Assessment Criteria: the report marking will take into account the following factors: 1,Contents of report : the report should contain information on the various construction options. this information should be accurate,comprehensive,technically correct,complies with brief and any current legislation 2,Drawing/ Sketches: the report should present your own appropriate hand drawn sketched to illustrate the different types of construction. these should be adequate,relevant,accurate, proportional ,suitably sized and annotated. 3,Structure and presentation of report :means of submission, style and layout ,title page, sections/headings,introduction, conclusion,references,bibliography,binding etc. 4,Use of English : grammar,punctuation

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