You don’t mess with the Zohan.

discuss how the movie “You don’t mess with the zohan” portrays the Middle East and its people with reference to Terrorism, Politics and History.
In this exercise we are seeking an insightful analysis of the ways in which the Middle East, its inhabitants and its landscapes are represented in the film and the ways in which the producers may or may not be perpetuating stereotypes (either negative or positive). You should not spend too much of your essay simply summarising the film’s plot as this does not address the question.

observe the following points when preparing their essay:
• Essays are to be 2000 words.
• You should use at least 10 different reference sources.
• A consistent and thorough system of referencing is essential. Use direct quotations sparingly, and seek to outline ideas in your own words.
• The use of other authors’ ideas or words without acknowledgement (plagiarism) is unacceptable and will result in a failure for this piece of assessment.
• The essay must be well structured; introduce, outline, and conclude a consistent argument that directly answers the question you are investigating.
• Each essay must include a bibliography.

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