You have to write about 1850 words) – Critically analyse the use of Adjudication as a method of resolving construction disputes in contrast with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods of dispute resolution

Please follow these instructions carefully

1) Please download all the supplied and uploaded files and I want you to read all the materials provided.

2) This paper is about “Construction Adjudication” type paper.

3) The areas which shall cover is given in assignment brief, so you shall write the paper to cover the “desired learning outcomes”

4) Harvard referencing is expected throughout the paper (referencing guidance pdf attached) (IMPORTANT)

5) word count for the paper is 1900 to 2100 words (excluding references, table of contents, executive summary) (IMPORTANT)

6) Please correct all the spelling mistakes and other mistakes before sending me the final documents

7) Use about 15 or more references and never use articles from websites. Please refer books, journal articles etc only.

8) Please note this is a construction related paper, so never write about IT related or other non related fields

9) Structure of the paper should be as follows

*Executive Summary (this should be a brief snapshot of the whole paper, don’t get confused with conclusion or don’t write a abstract) (word count:about 275 words required)

*”Table of Contents” page

*Introduction (about : 150 words required)

*The Main Body of the work

*Conclusion (about 275 words required) (writing in bullet points is ok and encouraged)

*References (15 numbers)

The whole paper shall cover these areas

• Formulate opinion upon legal and contractual issues relating to contractual procedures
• Critically analyse and evaluate various dispute resolution and contractual issues.
• Articulate ideas in an appropriate format conforming to academic and professional conventions.
• Identify and analyse relevant case law.
• Presentation structure and clarity in the form of a concise document.

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