Zagat (e-commerce)

The final report should contain the following four main components:
(a) Firm(s) Study (maximum 2 pages)
Provide a comprehensive discussion of the organization(s). Include some background information on the organization(s) and its/their history. Perspectives from outside organizations or persons that interact with the subject of the case, such as customers, suppliers, competitors, or government agencies may also be included whenever appropriate.

(b) Analysis of the Situation and Customer/Industry Analysis (maximum 3 pages)
Pertinent questions about the situation might be raised as follows: Critically evaluate the strategy pursued by the company or organization you analyze. Was it effective? What were the benefits and costs? What lessons can be learned? How should decision-makers in similar situations proceed? How will future developments in the technology affecting the subject of your case study?

As to the customer/industry analysis, you might cover some of the following topics:
• The market and target customers: what are their characteristics?
• The industry: trends, characteristics, main competitors.
• Use of IS and IT to lower barriers to entry: what will prevent others from capturing your market?
• Impact of IS on marketing and distribution channels: How will your customers find you, or vice-versa?
• Organization: how will you organize the new venture or project team?
• Any related topics you think are important and appropriate to include.

(c) Role of Information Systems, Information Technology, Internet, or E-Commerce (maximum 3 pages)
What are past and current trends in IT use in this and related industries? How does this business use information systems, information technology, Internet, or E-Commerce? What benefits does IS, IT, Internet, or E-commerce bring to the business?

(d) Implications and Conclusions (maximum 2 pages)
What implications can you derive from this case study for IT practitioners or managers? What are the conclusions you can draw from the case?

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