A patient presents with an extremely painful corn on the sole of their foot. The corn is located directly under the first metatarso-phalangeal joint. What gait pattern would be expected? What would the effects of their condition be on various parts of t

essays should be 500 words (not including the references at the end) with a 10% allowance over or under (no less that 450 or more than 550 words) and must be properly referenced using the Harvard style of referencing both in the essay text and in the reference section. I am using the following text books Mosby’s pocket dictionary 7th edition, Principles of Anatomy & Physiology by Tortora et al and Neale’s Disorders of the foot 8th edition by Frowen et al and can use information from the internet. Each essay must have at least different references and each 150 – 200 words must contain a reference. Essay must not have been used by anyone previously.

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