A project about universal studios

I need 2 pages description about universal studios in California a deeply describe from out side how is it all the time crowded and there is long line under the hot sun and what have inside . Also, describe for example the fast of the restaurant , the smell of the funnel cake ,the stores, the actress , the feeling of people try to describe not only the good things even the not good

More over try to cover these questions
Some Questions To Think About Before Choosing a Topic:
•    WHY is this place/space important to you?
•    Is it only important to you, or is it important to a group of people? Why? Are there cultural, political, or social reasons that this place/space is important?
•    Is the space connected to a specific community or subculture? How does it reflect that community or subculture? How is it that certain spaces come to represent a community or subculture?
•    What is the purpose of “culturally themed” places like certain restaurants or neighborhoods? Who do they primarily appeal to: people who are part of that culture or people outside that culture?
•    You might also consider: what happens when “space” that belongs to one culture or subculture is next to, touches, or overlaps a “space” belonging to another culture or subculture?  What happens in these “border zones”?

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