American story.

Tell your American story. This story should be written in essay form and should be driven by a thesis argument. Meaning, you are attempting to persuade your reader to believe something through your own narrative. For example, focusing on the ways in which your family preserves its cultural history and its practices even though they reside in the United States would persuade the reader that the U.S. is a diverse country that encourages its inhabitants to lead a pluralistic life. Conversely, were you wanting to argue that though the U.S. purports to be an inclusive country it really isnt, you might tell a story of the ways in which you have needed to conform to U.S. standards and practices to find a job, find friends, etc. It is important to remember in this assignment that every one of us in this classroom has an American story regardless of paperwork or whether one has been in the country for one day or for ones entire life. We are looking, here, to examine whether or not certain

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