Answer the following questions two pages per question. Give evidence from the text, “World Ethics” by Wanda Torres Gregory and Donna Giancola. The answers must be based on principles and not what you think.

1. Explain Nietzsche’s distinction between the master/slave morality? Explain the significance of the “death of god”? What does Nietzsche mean by the “transformation of all values”? To whom is he speaking?

2. What are the main characteristics of a specifically existential ethic? For Simone de Beauvoir what tensions are involved in the ethics of ambiguity? Why  must one will one’s own freedom and why is this an ethical act?

3. What is the meaning of Daly’s term “gyn/ecology”? What is its moral significance? What meaning does Daly give to the terms “metaethics” and metapatriarchal”? How do they relate to Daly’s critique of ethics and metaethics?

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