Calculate ROR + cash flow diagrams + ball-park methods + equation for excel

Lucinda Lacy purchased a house today for $105,500 by making a down payment of 15% of the purchase price and paying closing costs of:

Loan origination fee 1.7% of purchase price
Appraisal fee $325
Survey fee 210
Attorney’s fee 420
Processing fee 300
Escrow fee 240
Other miscellaneous costs 620

Lucinda has a mortgage loan with an interest rate of 3.9% APR, compounded monthly for 30 years. Her taxes and insurance are $375 per month. Lucinda has an estimate for a $8,500 firm, fixed price contract to remodel the house and this expense will be equally distributed over the period of her ownership. After remodeling, she estimates that she could sell the house for $135,000. Her selling expenses would be 7% sales commission plus $1000.


1. Determine manually, by trial and error, Lucinda’s rate of return, if she owns the house for 6 months. Show the manual calculations, including the ball-park method.

Note: To get full credit, you must show ALL manual calculations of how you got the ROR in #1.

2. Prepare a Typed Amortization chart that shows the payoff of the mortgage after six months.

3. Prepare an EXCEL spreadsheet to determine Lucinda’s rate of return if she owns the house for 6 months.

4. Use the spreadsheet to determine the ROR if Lucinda keeps the house for 6 months and the selling price is $131,500 instead of $135,000.

5. Use the spreadsheet to determine the ROR if the sales price is $131,500 and the repairs take longer than expected and Lucinda keeps the house for 12 months before selling and the remodeling contract is for 12 months instead of 6.
Show the equations for the EXCEL program

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