Can a Hospital run like Home Depot

Home Depot Inc. is one of the largest and best known US companies. Former GE executive, Robert L. Nardelli was hired in 2000 as CEO of Home Depot Inc. At the time, the company was still dominated by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders. The control measures that Nardelli took in order to streamline Home Depot, Inc. are well documented.

Case Assignment

After reading the background materials, conduct additional research and respond to the following:
1.What are the most important aspects of the controlling function?
2.What steps did Nardelli take in renovating Home Depot?
3.What role did the mid-level or department managers have in ensuring the success of the CEO’s plan?
4.How can Nardelli’s approach be applied in the health care setting? (Apply critical thinking skills)

Required Reading:
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