(Minimum of 1000 total words in your answers) Use numbers and bullet points for easier reading. Give each answer its own paragraph with a title. Do not write big unbroken blocks of text. Look at your work before submitting to make sure it is clear and easy to find your answers. 1) Does the author think it is better to “fix” an employee or “fire” them and why? (Cite page numbers from the book for your answers) 2) What are some of the key things that a performance plan needs to have to be effective? Explain. (Cite page numbers for your answers) 3) What are 3 ways underperforming employees rationalize their performance? Explain. (Cite page numbers for your answers) 4) What are the general lessons that Steve Shaer wants you to understand about how to deal with underperforming employees? 5) How can you apply the lessons from this book to your own performance as an employee? What lessons can you take from this book that will help you perform at your job so that you do not need to be “Fixed” nor “Fired”?

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