Choice between three topics (see prompt)

You are to write a four to five page essay in which you discuss in detail one of the topics listed below. This essay should be double-spaced and follow MLA or APA guidelines. You MUST cite sources following these guidelines.  You are also to have a works cited list at the end of the essay.

Topic I: Reconstruction.
Write an essay in which you describe the Reconstruction process from Lincoln’s 10% Plan though to the end of Congressional Reconstruction. In this essay you are to evaluate the various plans, explain why they succeeded or failed, and tell me which plan you think was the best. Finally, you need to discuss whether or not you believe Reconstruction on the whole was a success or failure. You must back up your opinion by a well-crafted argument using specific facts from your sources.

Topic II
Write an essay in which you discuss one of the two sub-topics,
1. The factors that led to the rise of big business in the years after the Civil War. You must deal in this essay with issues such as the types of large businesses that emerged, how these businesses consolidated their power, what steps were taken to deal with their monopoly power and why these efforts were unsuccessful.
2. The factors that led to the rise of labor unions. You must discuss the emergence of labor unions, why they were viewed as un-American, what steps they took to try and secure benefits for their members and whether or not on the whole was the labor movement of the post Civil War period successful.

Topic III
Write an essay in which you discuss one of the factors that led to the settlement of the West in the years after the Civil War. You may choose from the following sub-topics,
1. The significance of the railroads in the settlement of the west.
2. The difficulties faced by farmers out on the Great Plains and how they overcame those difficulties.
3. The importance of the rise of both the cattle and mining industries in settling the west.
4. The tensions that existed between Native Americans and the U.S. Government during this period and what policies the government used in its dealings with Native Americans.

Required Sources:
You must consult at least three sources,
-Two must be a book (eBook or physical book).
-One must be an Internet source (NO WIKIPEDIA!!!!!)
*You may substitute a journal article from a database such as JSTOR for one of the books.

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