Commercialization of Sport: Not All That Bad?

The prompt & instructions are in the assignment pdf. There’s no real format to this. No quoting, referencing, or reference page is even needed. Please no cover page, headers, or footers. These are not needed & I always just end up deleting these things manually one by one. My recent writers have not followed these simple instructions. I’ve attached the textbook chapter so please use it, at least so you can get an idea of exactly what to write. Just write the title I wrote and start writing, nothing else, nothing extra. I know this all seems complicated or even rude but as I said, previous writers have not followed the instructions. Lastly, please take your time. The assignment doesn’t even have to be two full pages, it can be a page and a half, but please take your time. I’ve had to do way too many revisions myself from my own orders I’m paying for because people don’t spend enough time writing nor proofreading. The only reason I’m using this service is because current personal matters don’t allow me to get through all my weekly work on time & end up missing assignments or turning them in late. The work is not hard at all, it’s mostly opinion-based and honestly, resembles a lot of work I did back in high school even though I’m almost in grad school. So please, just take your time.

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