construction management cash flow

please modify the excel spreadsheet provided and do a cash flow for the construction of a signle dwelling. the uploeaded information word doc will need to be used as a reference point as the excel spreadsheet needs to reflect the cost break down and gantt chart.

You are required to establish a cash flow for the project that reflects the construction programme.
For the purpose of your cash flow please assume the following:
• Client credit terms are as per the HIA contract
• Subcontractors and supplier credit terms are 30 days
• Preliminaries are to be spread evenly over the project
• All subcontractors and suppliers submit a claim for works complete for the week at the end of each week

• An excel spreadsheet showing the cash flow forecast and a line graph showing the money in, money out and net total

all information is uploaded the money in is the progress payment mentioned in the attached doccument i.e stages as reflected in the gantt chart

please note the actual budget and make sure it all balances

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