contemporary research

The objective of the term paper is to introduce contemporary research in materials science, and to provide a training in reading and understanding research articles.

Term papers should be written based on the following research article:
L.Wang, P.Liu, P.Guan, et al., In situ atomic-scale observation of continuous and reversible lattice deformation beyond the elastic limit, Nature Communications, vol. 4, article No. 2413 (10 Sept. 2013).

Full-text PDF file of the article can be downloaded from the website:
(together with supplementary information at the bottom of the page).

As this is an open-access article, its full text should be available online free of charge on any computer.
Generally speaking, publications in majority of research journals are available free of charge through the university library subscription (through the website or using any computer within the WSU network).

Requirements for the term papers:
– term paper content:
write, in your own words, about your understanding of the topic after reading the article,
with the emphasis on its subject, object, conclusions, and the points you find most interesting;
– term paper format:
3 pages (± ½ page), margins 1″ each, font Times New Roman 12 pt, double space
(hard copy is strongly prefered, although submission by email may be accepted).


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