Cultural History of the American Male and their Role in Society

The thesis proposal also includes a literature review. It tells your audience what we already know about your specific subject (what other historians have published), and where specifically you will be making an original argument and contribution to the field. You accomplish this with the proposal, and also a very detailed list of all relevant primary and secondary sources. The Proposal and Literature Review should be between 500 and 1000 words, not including your bibliographical listing at the end of primary and secondary sources.

My working topic, thesis statement is – The evolution of the American male thesis provides to assert that role of men within the American society has drastically evolved over time since the mid-1800s to 2010.  When look back into our history, how did our culture define a man? When we ask this question in our current times, how does our culture define a man? The American man was once considered the sole breadwinner of the family unit. Men would work long and hard hours in order to provider food, shelter and hopefully a higher quality of life. That ideal and ethic was the single bond that kept every man on a common level over the grooming habits, manners and etiquette that seemed to have varied from region to region in America. Now, men are no longer the ones who bring home the proverbial bacon, this is now a shared duty with their significant other in order to make ends meet in today’s society. Coupled with the triumphs of woman’s rights within the past one hundred years, the pressures for men to express their feelings, decreases in male role models (fathers and/or father figures) and the increase in the appearance and acceptance of the homosexual & transgendered lifestyles have direly affected the definition of what a man is. The purpose of this thesis will be to review and present the cultural history of views on the definition then to the definition now in American society.

I also have my bibliography I will be using. I just need help getting this piece done in time.

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