Cultural Ideology of Motherhood/Fatherhood

The goal of this reflection paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the nature of cultural ideology around motherhood (Hays) and fatherhood (Townsend) and to consider the influence of ideology of the experience of motherhood/fatherhood. You are also asked to explore how these cultural ideologies might impact your future experience of motherhood or fatherhood roles.
Here’s what I’d like you to write about:
Drawing from Hays (motherhood) and Townsend (fatherhood), explain which role— motherhood or fatherhood—you believe is most difficult to navigate and why. Make a clear argument here and connect it to issues of cultural ideology and enactment of the role (as noted in the reading). You don’t have to fully summarize Hays and Townsend for the paper, but as you make your argument, you need to draw on their discussion of the ideologies that shape how these roles are understood and enacted in our society to support your argument. Then, consider the role of motherhood or fatherhood in your own life. Do you expect to enact this role, and if so, how do you think cultural demands of the role will shape your experience of it (draw from reading in discussing this)? If you do not want to enact motherhood/fatherhood at any point in your life, tell me that and discuss how you think cultural ideology about parenting will impact the way that choice is perceived by others (draw from reading to think about cultural assumptions about parenthood in adult life).
Your reflection paper should be 2-3 pages in length. It must be typed, double-spaced, and appropriately formatted. The reflection paper is worth 20 points. In reflection papers, I want you to state an opinion and support it with information from the material we have been learning/reading. Grading will be related to the quality of your analysis as well as writing quality, so be sure to proof-read and show care in your writing.

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