Within 800-900 words, write a descriptive essay.
For this assignment, it is necessary to have an “official” title page–even if you are submitting online.
Give your composition a title. DO NOT simply write Essay #1 or Descriptive Essay. As well, do not place the title of your essay in quotation marks.
Use vivid and descriptive detail, drawing on some or all of the five senses.
Your essay should have a coherent and logical structure. There should be an obvious beginning, middle, and end; however, it does not have to conform to the standard five (5) paragraph essay format.
If you use quotes, you must provide a works cited page using MLA/APA formatting
Potential Topics:
Pick a moment or event in your past that is particularly significant. Describe it as clearly and as strongly as you can.
Think of a place where you have visited/lived of which has created a lasting effect.
Describe your first day at university.
Describe your favorite season.
Walk outside, take in a deep breath of fresh air and describe what you see and/or feel. Where are you?
Choose a topic of your own creation. Describe it!

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