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Wood is one of mankind’s oldest building materials. Working with wood is a skill that has been around since mankind has created his first tool. Wood working has improved enormously since the stone ages thanks to technological advances. Now there are many trades and skills involved in creating with wood. One important trade is Carpentry. People who work as carpenters are craftsmen who build things, and hence, are involved in many different kinds of construction activity. They work on the wood and materials for many buildings and structures, including docks, boats, bridges, highways etc. A few of a carpenter’s duties may involve designing, constructing, remodeling, and repairing exterior structures made of wood, cabinets, tables, shelves, benches, flooring, door and window frames, and other furniture. Depending on the job the tasks will be different but usually a carpenter will follow the same steps in creation and assembly.
One of the first steps is receiving a plan or instructions, or having one. After a carpenter has a plan, they’ll measure, mark, gather, and layout their materials. After arranging materials, they’ll be cut or through wood, drywall, plastic, or fiberglass, with hand tools

The carpenter’s task is a little simpler than described above when working with prefabricated components because it does not require as much work in the layout or the

assembly and cutting of as many pieces. Prefabricated components are tailored for easy and
fast installation and usually can be installed in one operation. Carpenters must be able to do all parts of a job and not just a single duty therefore it is good to have good overall training so that switch to the aspects of the job you’re required to do when needed. Carpenters also perform a variety of maintenance work )

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