Consult pages 8-10 in A Writer’s Reference for information on prewriting techniques.  If you have been taught some other style of prewriting that works for you, however, please by all means use it!  I do not care what style of prewriting you use; I only care that you do some sort of planning of a paper before sitting down to write it.  Therefore, here are your topics to choose from for Essay #1.  This prewrite may be done via text input, or you can upload files, so if you want to take photos or make scans of a prewrite on paper, you can do so.  The prewrite is due by midnight on Wednesday, and the rough version of the essay itself will be due no later than Saturday, so please be aware of the timeframe you have to get crackin’ on this paper!

The paper itself should be about three and a half pages or so (900 words, ballpark), in proper MLA format.  You are going to be REQUIRED to integrate quotes from one or more of the readings you have done so far out of Presence of Others, so consider that as you choose which topic to write on.  Papers that do not use the readings in some significant way will lose a lot of credit, so keep that in mind, ok?  We will be bringing The Great Gatsby into our essay assignments eventually, but NOT YET!  At this point, only consider material from The Presence of Others as you craft your response.

OPTION #1: Some of the readings in the text discuss cheating, dishonesty, and integrity.  Using the ideas from and quoting from some of The Presence of Others readings you have done in previous weeks, discuss a time you or someone you know cheated or otherwise went against integrity.  Why was there this lapse in ethical judgment?  What were the results?  How did this experience affect you or the person you know?

OPTION #2: Write a paper about a person you know who might fairly be described as “a person of integrity.”  Use your portrait of this person as a way to define and/or explore the concept of integrity.  Again, make sure to make reference to and quote from essays you have read in previous weeks in The Presence of Others.

OPTION #3: Respond to the essay “An Animal’s Place.”  Does the content of the essay trouble you ethically with your food and other choices, or is the killing of animals and industrial farming simply now a necessity or even a right?  Support or argue against some of the points raised inside of this essay.

OPTION #4: Keeping in mind some of the ideas and studies inside the essays “Making of a Divorce Culture” and “The Way We Wish We Were,” discuss the effects a divorce has had on you or someone you know well.  What caused the divorce?  Was it necessary?  How did it change people’s lives?  Was the overall effect for the better or for the worse?  From the essays, do you see any of the same forces and effects discussed inside the text?

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