door closer research and investigation

Project description
The results from your research and modeling should be presented clearly and concisely in a final report. Your report should include, at minimum, the following sections:
Introduction Discuss the design problem and provide general background informa- tion about your chosen system and any other information you feel is relevant. Be clear about your system, the actual component that vibrates, and in what direction it is vibrating. Discuss any limitations on the system, such as maximum allowable displacement, response frequency, etc.
System Design Discuss the results of your research into the design of your chosen ap- plication. This should include a discussion of the general structure, materials used, and a characterization of these materials. Discuss any external environment and external forcing.
Vibrations Modeling Discuss the vibrations model that you have developed for the complex structure of your chosen application. It is not expected that you model the structure and the loading exactly, so discuss the simplifications and approximations that have been made. If you make simplifying assumptions such as a specific mass distribution, shape distribution, or loading distribution, discuss how you arrived at these values and indicate where your model may or may not break down.
Results Present the results of your vibration analysis. At the very least, you should be able to plot the vibration displacement that results from your input forcing. Additional considerations may be the change in dynamic response characteristics for a change in input forcing function or frequency. It is not required, but a numerical simulation of your system might be a good idea.
Conclusions Provide a discussion of what you have found and the results of your modeling. Include details such as where could your model could be improved, limita- tions to your approximations/simplifications. Ultimately, does your model make sense and are the results reasonable? How do they apply to the real-world application of your system?
References Please be sure to include citations and references for any resources that you use including web pages, journal articles, text books, etc.
Appendices Use this space to include any calculations that were performed by hand, Matlab calculations, CAD models, etc.


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