After reading Fraenkel, Wallen, and Hyun textbook, chapter 8 and reviewing the powerpoint presentation on educational measurement

1. Practice Exercise for Validity — Answer the questions listed below each example. Note that each example represents one of the four types of validity: concurrent, construct, content, and predictive.
1). The Goodly Test of Basic Third-Grade Math has been around a long time, but it takes 60 minutes to administer. Being pressed for teaching time, you develop another test that takes only 20 minutes to administer and call it the Shorter and Better Test of Basic Third Grade Math. You send it off to a test publisher with visions of fame and wealth.
What is the easiest and most logical method for establishing its validity? If this example represents either concurrent or predictive validity, then what is the criterion?
2). A high school teacher is interested in determining which students, as they enter high school, are likely to do well in a calculus class. Upon entering high school students are required to take a high school scholastic aptitude test (HSSAT). Just prior to graduation, students are also required to take a comprehensive departmental (mathematics) examination which covers a variety of mathematical concepts. Using scores from the aptitude test and the comprehensive examination, the teacher determines whether a relationship exists between the two tests. If one does exist, the teacher plans to use HSSAT scores to help in selecting students for calculus.
What type of validity does the process described above represent? If this example represents either concurrent or predictive validity, then what is the criterion?
3). A school principal decides to begin implementing a new test of achievement in ninth-grade mathematics. However, to insure that this test is an adequate representation of the material taught in nine-grade mathematics courses, the principal asks the math teachers to take a look at the test

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