Emile Durkheim


• For this assignment, students are to choose a theorist. Theorist will be found in the 1st chapter of our book. Students may also review the Chapter 1 video lecture for highlights about theorist as well.

Your paper should include the following content:
Highlights on their life and achievements (background information, where they were born, spouse, children, etc.). Students should include what significant role the theorist had in sociology. Students are required to reference one of the three theoretical perspectives (functionalist, conflict, or interactionist view) their theorist supported and tell why they think the theorist used this perspective. Simply stating that Karl Marx was a conflict theorist will NOT be accepted. Students must use at least 5 sources. These sources MUST be appropriately cited throughout the paper and documented on the Work Cited page. This paper is expected to follow proper MLA guidelines.


DO complete your assignment, for a total of 5-7 full pages (not including cover page or work cited page.) with 5 sources, properly cited throughout the paper and included on the work cited page.
DO NOT copy from your text or other sources unless you appropriately cite your sources. If you copy from your text or other sources without citing, you will receive an F & will be referred to College officials for disciplinary review. If you paraphrase another’s original thoughts or ideas, you must also cite! Ex: (Schaefer 101).

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