Energy and Conservation Laws Discussion

After completing the readings and concept-related activities in the above sections of the moduleincluding the module Experiment, you will be prepared to engage in this discussion.

Initial Post Instructions and Requirements:

Instructor’s choice (need to answer to both parts for full credit):

Explain how the energy (total, kinetic or potential) will change when you let an object to free-fall from the top of a building.
Calculate your velocity to have an equal momentum for a bullet with a mass of 25 grams and a velocity of 800 m/s. (Hint: you need your mass in kilograms)
Choose a discussion topic (DOCX). download
Formulate an organized, clearly worded, and succinct initial post that substantively covers all discussion paragraph points stated for your chosen topic. Because your initial post will be scored on the degree to which you meet these standards, there is no set minimum word requirement. However, there is a set maximum word requirement confine your initial post to 500 words. Remember that we are all reading each others posts, and one that is succinctly written is more likely to be read and responded to, thus furthering our discussion on that topic.
Include at least one graphic, video, or image that visually adds to some aspect of your post – as they say, pictures are worth 1000 words!
Post your initial post by the fourth day of the module week. You will not be able to see any posts until you post your initial post.
Response Post Requirements:

Develop responses to at least two of your classmates posts. At least one of the responses must be to a topic you did not choose for your initial post.

Each response should add thoughtfully and substantively to the discussion, by covering two or more of the following areas:

Elaborating with additional factual details
Providing an alternate perspective
Sharing a related experience
Asking a related question

you can also add picture

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