Eonometrics Report


The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the knowledge of the statistical techniques that can be employed to examine market volatility. Students are required to reflect upon financial theory and empirical practice and to show an ability to use the statistical software E-Views appropriately.


Having performed exceptionally well in the last assignment, your manager Mrs. Fama, has asked you to put together another team of between three and four colleagues. The Management Board require further information on Sundia before they introduce a tracker/index portfolio in this stock market and as such require an examination of the volatility of stock returns for Sundia.

In addition, the Management Board also requires an investigation into the co-integration of Sundia in comparison to the key markets that they also offer tracker/index portfolios in. They are, France, Spain, Sweden and Poland.

This information will allow the Management Board to determine the most suitable target customers for the Sundia tracker/ index portfolio.

You are required to prepare a 3,500 word report which will be presented to the Management Board informing them of your findings. Your report should also be accompanied by an Executive Summary which should be no more than 350 words (in addition to the 3,500 words for the report). This will be used by the Management Board in their monthly meeting, so only the key points should be included.

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