Evaluation analysis of the movie.

This essay will be simmilar with the essay that I will order later
First Source that from the Oscar’s movie.
Second source that from any news with specific author name
Please watch any Oscar’s movie such as Gravity (you can check at http://oscar.go.com/nominees), pick one movie and write Evaluation analysis essay ^^ Thanks
Please pay attention on ELEMENTS OF FILM ANALYSIS such as Atmosphere (how the atmosphere affect the audience), Setting, Pace, or sound … please pick up only 3 elements to Evaluation analyses and exclusion plot.(http://spot.pcc.edu/~mdembrow/elements.htm).
2 Elements must have 3 specific example.
1 elements must have 2 specific example and including one movie review (from news) to put it in the paragraph and cite the source.
Please write clear thesis.
Do not use more than 4 quotes.
Do not use the word “I” in the paper.
Please use your own word.

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