Examine the reasons why consumers interpret marketing messages differently

You need to include two peer-reviewed references (minimum) with your section. There is a box to check on nearly any database site for peer-reviewed references, in case you didn’t know. Pulling a random source from the Internet may cost us points, so please avoid using random websites where the quality may be in question.

2) Also on the topic of references, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR REFERENCES ARE PROPERLY CITED. For the most part, we seem to have this under control, but I noticed quite a few of your references didn’t have any easy way to find them again for verification. Noting the URL, DOI number, or name of the database that you retrieved your source from is not only a correct part of citing references in APA format, it makes it much easier to track them down again to check information or change a citation.

3) You have two main goals with this assignment: word written section for the paper half of the assignment, and two slides (minimum) for the presentation half of the assignment. These can use the same information if you like, as long as they are properly formatted and include references

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