Explain the role of epidemiology in disease prevention, and contrast two possible strategies for such preventive efforts.

This assignment gives you the opportunity to study an important community health problem or challenge and analyze it by presenting your findings in an essay. Any topic introduced in this course may be selected for your essay. It is a good idea to conduct research on potential topics that you are considering for this assignment to help you choose. You will want to determine that plenty of information is available online for incorporation into your project.
Some possible topics for your consideration are listed below.
Career opportunities in epidemiology Professional development in epidemiology Disease surveillance
Measures of morbidity
Causes of mortality
Randomized clinical trials
Validity and reliability of screening tests
Cost-benefit analysis of health screening
Confounding in epidemiology
Bias in epidemiological research
Natural history of disease
Evaluating screening programs
Role of epidemiology in disease prevention
Research ethics in epidemiology
Classifying race and ethnicity in epidemiological research
For this assignment, you will critically analyze issues related to your community health topic, and you will consider both our current healthcare environment and future directions in community health.
Your essay should include at least the sections listed below; you may want to include others if you deem them appropriate.
Introduce your topic.
Review the challenges and problems associated with your topic.
Explain the role of epidemiology in disease prevention, and contrast two possible strategies for such preventive efforts.
Describe risk assessment, and discuss the role of epidemiology in such assessments.
Review the community health literature.
Provide a critical analysis of challenges/problems.
Discuss how epidemiology can shape public policy through the courts. Provide recommended solutions.
Explain the implementation of the solutions.
Explain the role of meta-analysis as a tool for summarizing epidemiologic evidence and creating public policy.
Consider how privacy and confidentiality of health records are protected in epidemiological studies. Provide a justification of the solutions.
Describe the scientific and ethical implications of classifying race and ethnicity in epidemiologic studies.
Include a conclusion.
List your sources on a references page.
Your essay should be at least six pages in length. You should include a references page; however, the references page will not count toward meeting the minimum page requirement. You will need at least two outside sources for your essay beyond the course textbook. At least one of your sources must be obtained through the Waldorf Online Library. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

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