Exploring psychology

Exploring Psychology
11th Edition
David G. Myers
C. Nathan DeWall

From the list below, choose TWO to fully answer. Dont skip parts (often, theres more than 1 question in a single prompt). Go beyond just giving your opinions. Make it clear you’ve not only read the book but that you also understand it.

In Chapter 4, page 142, The Teenage Brain outlines specific developmental changes. Describe those AND how our better understanding of adolescent brain development has impacted our culture.

Homosexuality has been explained by both nature and nurture: factors that are physiological (physical/biological/chemical) vs. those that are environmental. Give examples of physiological events that might explain why homosexuality occurs. (Ch. 5)


– Billy, 31. Hears voices telling him to harm himself. Lost his job and stopped communicating with family/friends.

– Joni, 43. Just ordered $500 on Amazon, even though she only has $35 in the bank. Flirts a lot with co-workers and talks loudly. Missed several days of work after partying for a few days. Described as the life of the party, but has a quick temper.
(ch. 14)

How does Chapter 15 recommend treating phobias? Describe this treatment approach AND how it works. Why is it so effective?

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