Expository Essay

Word Count: 850 – 1000 words

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An expository essay is an essay where one explains a topic so that the topic is clear for their readers; in other words, the writer is evaluating an idea for clarification. We have covered, briefly, how education is not directly related to schooling. Lynda Barrys story shared how school institutions can offer a different kind of schooling through interactions outside of traditional school hours. Barry learned about herself via her relationships that introduced her to the art world, allowing her to grow as an individual by having a place to explore herself in. This was only possible because she was able to form relationships outside of the 8am-3pm school schedule. Your job, for this essay, is to look into the idea of fully funding schools and exploring whether thats something society should embrace or reject.

What are the benefits/negatives (pick one) of fully funding public schools (to the 12th grade)? Fully funded in the sense that schools are provided an appropriate budget to afford morning and after school programs, sports and community programs, and being able to offer more classes than just the typical Science, Math and English courses (ie: arts and crafts, home-ec, workshops, etc). In other words, being able to fully provide the needed services a school will require to properly support their students in not only success, but in maturing as well.

Use two sources from below and one outside source (the final source can not be a blog or forum, but can be articles from class, Google, or the schools database).
Three sources total (two from below and one from outside source or from earlier in the semester)
Compose Works Cited page
Use 3-5 quotes (no more than 5 quotes can be used, and three of them must be direct quotes)
Use MLA formatting
No contractions
No 1st person words or 2nd person
Your thesis should be in the claim + (3) reasons format. Example:
Fully funded schools will be beneficial to society because it provides social growth, allows under-privileged students a chance to escape toxic cultures, and will help create more responsible individuals because students will have the mental fortitude to confront daily issues.
You are not presenting a complete argument, but exploring how schools can be affected by their budgets and how that affects students.
To help decide where you stand, ask yourself: Do fully funded schools provide a positive service for society, or are they a waste of resources?
Possible Sources
John Taylor Gattos Against School (https://www.wesjones.com/gatto1.htm)
Mike Roses I Just Wanna Be Average (http://userwww.sfsu.edu/mmartin/rose.pdf)
Malcolm Xs Learning to Read (https://drive.google.com/file/d/12H3mpLVs2iRunF2VuRlYDfMUFmy8zk9N/view)
Jonathan Kozols Still Separate, Still Unequal: Americas Educational Apratheid (https://www.sjsu.edu/people/natalie.boero/courses/80sec1/s3/kozol.pdf)
To receive the grade one wants, review the rubric provided below. In addition to those factors, keep in mind that editing for clarity of grammar and flow will also factor into your grade.

Points out of 100




95% – 100%

Has a clear thesis statement (claim and reasons/rationale are distinct). Topic sentences clearly expand on the thesis (answers the So what/Why should we care? question). Packets are obvious with evidence clearly being referenced to in order to support the argument. Grammar is near perfect and flows nicely.

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