Farmers have been a recent target of animal rights activists. How far should animal rights be taken? Should animal research be limited or eliminated?

Check that the paper meets guidelines — most essays should be at least 2 full pages, and all are double line spaced in Times Roman 12 point font. Please include Works Cited Page. Also, research as Under no circumstances should you use general information sites such as or in particular In fact, no .com sources are allowed unless they are approved by Mrs. Warren before the rough draft is submitted. These are not scholarly sites.
The best online sources — and the ones that I prefer you use — are Alabama Virtual Library, Research Navigator or the MyCompLab Link Library. These are databanks. They are virtual libraries that are filled with articles from journals and scholarly publications. In other words, these articles have been published in magazines, newspapers, and journals whose editors have checked the content and the credentials of the authors.

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