Flooding in Uttarakhand

For this essay assignment, you will choose a topic to be developed by the “cause and/or effect” organizational pattern. Below you will find a list of topic suggestions. You may choose another topic with your instructor’s approval.

Please follow these steps:
1.Choose your topic and formulate a tentative thesis statement.
2.Conduct a library search to gather sources.
3.Refine your thesis to accord with the information you are finding.
4.Draft your essay, including paraphrases and/or quotes from at least two (2) sources that provide information to support your topic and thesis.
5.Include in-text citations and an APA References list for your sources. IMPORTANT:  Please refer to any of the many resources available to you for more information on the APA format and style for documentation: APA section of your textbook, the APA section of MyCompLab, the APA section of the library, or your AIU APA guide to prepare APA documentations.
6.Evaluate your draft and make the appropriate revisions.

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