Formal analysis of the poem “She Would Long” or the poem “Flowers” from Poetry After 9/11

“Perform a close reading of a poem from the anthology Poetry After 9/11. Attend to the voice of the poem’s speaker. Reconstruct the speaker’s situation. To whom does the voice seem to be speaking? How would you characterize the voice? Make reference to at least three aspects of the poem’s form that contribute to its effects, ie. enjambment, rhythm, metaphor, whitespace, syntax, stanza. Do justice to the thoughts and feelings the poem aims to evoke in its reader. Use evidence from the text to substantiate your claims. The poem should take the shape of an essay, formed and organized according to the ideas you hope to express. The prompt is merely that, a prompt, a springboard for your essay, not a set of questions you must answer in sequence.”
I was specifically hoping to do a formal analysis of the poem “She Would Long” by Jean Valentine (pg. 30) and how it depicts the stages of grief stanza by stanza (first denial, then mourning, then acceptance and comfort) the mother went through coming to terms with her daughters death, or the poem ”Flowers” by Eileen Myles (pg. 61) which, to my interpretation, details the persistence of life in the midst of grief and the juxtaposition at the end when it goes: “Hundreds of flowers outside as the world continues its impossible turning. We miss you.” either one works. the book is available in google docs :–ChMQ6AEIMzAD#v=onepage&q=she%20would%20long%20poetry%20after%209%2F11&f=false , thanks!

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