“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

– 4 secondary sources
– 1 primary source (from the story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid)
*** all sources need to be in the essay as well ***

– needs a clearly written thesis “the writer identifies the main point and the sub-points, or issues, which will convince the audience that the thesis is sound and which will clearly establish the nature of the author-text-reader relationship.”

*** I included the story in the uploaded files. It’s straight from the book that is required for my class. So when you do the Works Cited page use this as the primary source:

Kincaid, Jamaica. Girl. Literature to Go, by Michael Meyer and D. Quentin Miller, Fourth ed., Bedford/St. Martins, 2020, p. 316.

*** There are more in-depth instructions in the screenshots that I included in the uploaded files. ***

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