Health-Care Costs in a Budget

Health care is a major concern in the budgets of all postsecondary institutions. With the increase in the costs of health care, there is a need to change the budget to meet the new demand. In some cases, the costs of health care increase in such a manner that all additional funds should be appropriated for that cost. At times, it may also cause a need for a reduction in staff to offset the increase.

Health insurance companies offer institutions a reduced rate of interest if the institution can show that preventive health programs, such as routine health checkups or exercise programs, are in place.

In this assignment, you will explore opportunities in health care as a way to reduce the costs in the budget.


Research scholarly resources to find examples of institutions where preventive health programs are undertaken. In a 2- to 3-page paper, describe the steps you, as a part of the faculty and staff, would take to create a preventive health program in your postsecondary institution.

Address the following questions in your paper:

Who should be involved in the process for creating the program? How should the process be developed? What incentives would be in place for those who join the health program?

What type of evaluation process should be developed to prove the results of the program?

Support with illustrative examples to depict the reduction in budget.

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