Aim and scope of paper: Develop a question you have that you would like to answer. Choose at least two documents from the Foner Document book, and answer your question, elaborating upon the themes you set up in your outline.

DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES (Do not use Wikipedia, in particular) without consulting with me first. Once you choose your documents, indicate who is writing, what they are writing about, and when they are writing, as you did for your moodle posts.

An example of the citation method required, as well as the treatment of document and historical context is as follows:

Nathaniel Bacon states, in his “manifesto” of 1676, that the Virginia “governor and council,” were “bound to defend” the Appomatocks with their blood…whereas…they have been for these many years enemies to the king and country, robbers and thieves and invaders of his Majesty’s right and our interest and estates.” (Foner doc., Nathaniel Bacon on Bacon’s Rebellion, 1676). Indeed, Governor William Berkeley not only exercised political and economic domination, but, rather than continue to fight the Appomatocks as had previous Virginia settlers, his regime “maintained peaceful relations with Virginia’s remaining native population.” (Foner text, 102).


First paragraph should indicate which question(s) do the two documents allow you to address. One question might be, ” What are important core values that have either made this historical period positive or a negative one, in terms of the greater good of the nation at this time?

The first paragraph’s introduction should state a strong, clear thesis, discuss the points you will develop in the body of the essay as they relate to the documents, and subsequently make the transition to the body of your argument. You may begin with: This essay ‘will examine,’ for example, two different, or similar perspectives on Reconstruction.

Subsequent paragraphs should present the evidence to support the points enumerated in your introduction. How well you provide the substance to develop your comparison or ideas, or make an argument, will be an important factor impacting your grade. Frequent and thoughtful references to the document and text book are important.

The concluding paragraph should draw from your evidence and tie the information together. For example, you can say that the two documents discussed in your paper illustrate how race and gender impact interpretations of Reconstruction. Go back to your introduction and make sure you summarize the answers to your original thesis question(s), using some of the same words that you used in your introductory paragraph.

II Format and style

A. Format: The papers must be four to five typed, double-spaced pages, with font no larger than 12. Quotes should not exceed three lines and should be single-spaced and indented.
B. You MUST use citations and can use any style that you are comfortable with. For guidelines on the different ways of citing, utilize the Diana Hacker guidebook or website (http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/resdoc5e/) and use the method that corresponds to your discipline. Always provide the page numbers where you got the information.
C. Late papers: For each day beyond the due date, a late paper can be penalized by one letter grade, depending upon the circumstances.
D. In addition to evaluating how you support your argument(s), I will consider grammar, transitions, paper organization and how well you use the class textbook and primary source book, when grading your pape

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