Holocaust survivor

This paper is for my German and Holocaust studies class, It requires an abstract, and 5 sources from the university’s Library source

In this writing intensive course you are required to write an 8 page research paper. Your research paper will focus on a Holocaust victim. From the Shoah Names Database, a database that lists the names and information of persons that were persecuted under the Nazis, you will select a person and research their life based on the information you find in the database. You will then use this knowledge to write your term paper, giving a Holocaust victim a voice through your research. You cannot take a prominent person, such as Anna Frank, Primo Levi, or similar.

Paper must be Times new roman, font size 12, with 1″ margins.

I already picked a person for this part and his name is Mendel Abbesson

Under the abstract you must also list at least two or three (peer-reviewed) sources you reviewed in order to outline the paper you plan to write.
At least three of your five sources must be peer-reviewed.

below is the link for the instructions for the peer reviewed sources.

You cannot use webpages (such as history.com, wikipedia.com, ushmm.org or similar) for your paper! Websites are not an adequate resource for a research paper. If your reference list includes webpages as references for the research content in your paper, your paper will not be accepted and you will receive an F.

If your paper lacks citations and/or shows evidence of plagiarism, your paper will not be accepted and you will receive an F.

You will also use APA style (7th edition) for your reference list. A reference list provides the necessary information to identify and retrieve each work you cited in your paper. The reference list is located at the end of your paper. Depending on the kind of work you used (book, chapter in an edited volume, a journal article, etc), you must use a different format for your reference list entry.

I also need a 4 page rough draft along with the paper.
If you have any questions concerning this paper then please feel free to contact me.
Also please send me the rough draft soon if possible, that would be amazing.

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