Houston Life Map

After you have done the readings/viewing for this week, especially the Creating a Life Map PowerPoint, create, draw, describe (in writing or in an audio recording) your life map. This might be about where you go, what you do, what you plan to do, what you have done, what you dream of, what (whom) you love, your past, your future, your goals, your visions, others’ visions, events, people, places, food, whatever. Not all of these! Just think of some way you want to organize this. In other words, this is very open and conceptual–it doesn’t have to be a topological map of your neighborhood or where you travel or go, in other words, but it can be.

These examples in the PowerPoint and below are very elaborate and took lots of time. Don’t feel you have to go that far–keep it simpler. This assignment is not meant to be too hard or take too much of your time. Just try to have some fun with it.

If you describe your map, do so in no less than 275 words.

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