How does the mind create our living sense of time?

Hello please thoroughly read everything below as well as the portfolios that I attached.

The purpose of this paper is to see how well the writer can synthesize the ideas and evidence from the authors of the three different articles into (YOUR OWN) conclusion of the question which is, “How does the mind create our living sense of time?” The essay should be composed of mostly your own thoughts and not just a simple summary of the three articles. You can not use outside sources what so ever. You do not need a abstract just a title. You can use references from the three writing sects but please use them sparingly since this essay should consist mostly of your own ideas about question. Last it should be 6 pages. Here are some suggestions from the essay graders on what they are looking for.

A) “The most important component of the WPE essay is your own thinking.If you don’t express your own ideas, you will not pass”

B) ‘DON’T WRITE A REPORT DO WRITE A ESSAY DO answer the question directly and unmistakably FIRST(not in the last paragraph). DON’T summarize unless it’s for a directly stated purpose that relates to the questions. whether or not you quote, summarize, or paraphrase, DO give credit. Always”

In the first paragraph, ideally at the end ANSWER THE QUESTION. Employ phrases from the question into your position statement (thesis)

C) “USE KEY TERMS TO KEEP YOUR ARGUMENT ON TRACK. Some example: feature binding, temporal binding, synchronize, causality. perception, digital time. historical time, subjectivity, felt time duration, and narrative self. Use as many terms as you need that are relevant to your paper. First time you use a key term define or explain it. Use a definition or explanation from the reading set, rather than something from another source”

Overall this essay should analytical and just showcase the writing ability of a capable undergraduate student who is able to connect different ideas together.

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