How Mathematics are used in Real World Jobs

A two page double spaced paper (500 to 700 words) that describes how mathematics relates to, and is used in a specific math-intensive vocation. “Math-intensive” refers to a vocation that you would choose if you graduated with a degree in mathematics. The paper should include a fairly detailed job description of the vocation, including but
not limited to educational qualifications, duties and responsibilities, working conditions (locations, hours
per week, stress, etc.), salary, and and anticipated employment outlook. When you describe the duties and
responsibilities, you must describe specifically how and what level of mathematics is used in the vocation.
Try to describe a specific example/problem that might be solved in that vocation.
You must have at least three sources, which must be acknowledged. They can be books, periodical
articles, interviews, or information off the internet. The paper will be graded on grammar, spelling, as well as content.

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