•Locate two peer-reviewed journal articles in the online library that address a current trend in human resource management practice that interests you. Focus on the categories of practice identified in Armstrong’s (2003) chapter on strategic HRM that that is in the attachment file below: resourcing, development and rewards (p.118). Examples might include trends in talent management, ‘total rewards,’ outsourcing, the use of social media, the mobile-friendly workplace and so forth.

•Briefly summarise each article, citing one or two key ideas from each.

•Provide a properly formatted references list that includes your two articles.

The following conditions must meet in the paper

1) I want a typical and a quality answer which should have about 830 words.

2) The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

3) The answer must include examples from experience or the web with references from relevant examples from real companies.

4) Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System,

5) Please don’t use Wikipedia web site.

6) I need examples from peer reviewed articles or researches.

Appreciate each single moment you spend in writing my paper

Best regards

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