Human Evolution

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This course requires participation on a weekly basis throughout the term by posting your responses to the
“Questions for Reflection” at the end of each week’s assigned chapter to the appropriate class discussion
One post (containing your
answers to all of the ch
apter questions) generated per discussion board
percentage point towards your final grade (1
The postings
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before the deadline of
the week assigned (before
@ 11:59pm or another
deadline if mentioned).
You are allowed to
submit one week’s
discussion board
late once
for credit regardless of the
circumstance. Your responses should demonstrate knowledge developed from reading and critically
thinking about the assigned reading mater
It is your responsibility to make sure to
double check that
your completed work has all been posted successfully and is visible before each due date. In other
words, just do not hit “submit” once and walk away thinking your assignment was posted
without double checking.
Your work should reflect college level writing and critical thinking skills. This includes proper spelling,
grammar and sentence structure; concise and clear presentation of thoughts is expected. Spelling, grammar
overall organization will count for about 50% of the discussion board grade. I recommend utilizing
the campus writing labs for assistance (proofreading, tutoring, etc.).

Questions For Reflection

1.  Over the course of the past 2.5 million years, the fossil evidence shows that changes in skull shape come with increasing brain size.  These changes are associated with culture in the form of the earliest stone tools, coordinated hunting efforts , the controlled use of fire, language, and eventually an explosion of innovations and symbolic expression in the Upper Paleolithic. As our discussion gets closer to the present, how do the two major hypothesis for modern human origins relate skull size and shape to cultural difference?  Can skull shape and size account for cultural differences among contemporary peoples?

2.  Do you think evidence from a single bone is enough to  determine whether an organism from the past was bipedal?

3.  Paleoanthropologists can be characterized as either lumpers or splitters depending upon their approach to recognizing species in the fossil record.  Which of these approaches do you prefer and why?

4  How do  you feel about the possibility of having Neandertals as part of your ancestry?  How might you relate the Neandertal debate to stereotyping or racism in contemporary society?

5.  Do you think that gender has played a role in anthropological interpretations of the behavior of our ancestors and the way that paleoanthropologists and archaelogists conduct their research?  Do you believe that feminism has a role to play n the interpretation of the past?

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