Human Services: Funding Proposal & Community Partners

Funding Proposal & Community Partners

In this assignment, you will work on the second component building toward the final LASA in M4 Assignment 2 LASA.
You are required to create your funding proposal and community partnership outline for your agency (AFFORDABLE HOUSING AGENCY).
A funding proposal may be quite complex, depending on the mission and vision of your agency. Identifying appropriate community partners for your agency should include the community partner, services you will provide each other, and your justification to believe this partner is an appropriate one for your agency.


In a 3- to 5-page professional proposal, complete the following:

1. Develop a funding proposal for the agency (AFFORDABLE HOUSING AGENCY). In the funding proposal, describe the resource needs in relation to the resource availability and the costs, in both human and other resource terms, in relation to the anticipated benefits (PO 8).

2. Identify community partnerships that would collaborate with the agency to advance its mission (PO 2, 4, 6, 7).

3. In addition, you will address the following program outcomes: Interdisciplinary Practice (PO 2), Research (PO 3), Personal Value Systems & Interpersonal Effectiveness (PO 4), Multicultural Competence (PO 5), Professional Ethics (PO 6), Policy Advocacy (PO 7), and Administration of Human Services (PO 8).

Please note, this assignment will be revisited and revised based upon instructor feedback when integrated into M4 Assignment 2 LASA. Please review the LASA Overview for full details.


Submission Details:

Save your proposal in a Microsoft Word document by Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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