Incident Response

See detailed order instructions in a word document that I provided you.Please remember, the more in text citations the better!You will complete 5 steps of this project:Write a one-page summary at the beginning the paper.Step 1: Develop a Wireless and BYOD Security PlanSince the company you work for has instituted abring your own device (BYOD)policy, security attitudes have been lax, and all sorts of devices, authorized and unauthorized, have been found connected to the company’s wireless infrastructure. In this first step, you will develop a wireless and BYOD security plan for the company.Step 2: Track Suspicious BehaviorNow it’s time to take a look at another workplace situation.You have been notified of an employee exhibiting suspicious behavior. You decide to track the employee’s movements by using available industry tools and techniques. You know the location and time stamps associated with the employee’s mobile device.How would you track the location of the company asset?Explain how identity theft could occur and how MAC spoofing could take place in the workplace.Step 3: Develop a Continuous Improvement PlanYou receive a memo for continuous improvement to the wireless network of your company, and you are asked to provide a report on the companys wireless network. You have been monitoring the activities on WPA2. Provide for your leadership a description of Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) networks and include the pros and cons of each type of wireless network with a focus on WPA2.Since WPA2 uses encryption to provide secure communications, define the scheme for using preshared keys for encryption. Is this FIPS 140-2 compliant, and if not, what is necessary to attain this?Step 4: Develop Remote Configuration ManagementNow, it’s time to show how your company has implemented remote configuration management.Step 5: Investigate Employee MisconductYou would investigate possible employee misconduct. You have been given a report that an employee has recorded log-ins during unofficial duty hours. The employee has set up access through an ad hoc wireless network. Provide a definition of ad hoc wireless networks and identify how such networks could contribute to the company infrastructure while also detailing the threats and vulnerabilities they bring.

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