Lack of Representation of the Houston Hispanic Population in Congress and the Impact This May Have on How Congress Appropriate Funding As It Relates To This Growing Houston Populace

The analytical question should not be simply descriptive. It should dwell further than the “what”; it must investigate the “how,” and the “why” of the phenomenon you are to explore. As an analyst conducting research you will use “the what” in your problem statement as a means of getting at the “the why” and ultimately “the how.The specific parts of the research proposal are as follows:
1.    Statement of the question. At this juncture of your paper you are to explain something, “what the problem is and why you feel it is necessary to conduct research to solve the problem.”
2. Conduct a brief literature review to see what has been said in the literature concerning “the problem.” You should review major scholarly works on your topic and indicate what the arguments are that the published scholars are making.
3. Make a declaration concerning what your argument/explanation will be and how it differs from that which has been made by the scholars (published or non-published).
4. How is your explanation original or different from that which is found in the literature?
If you decide to apply a theory, explain which theory you are using and why you think it’s an appropriate theory to use in explaining the occurrence(s) you are concerned with.
5. Include a brief outline of the parts of your interim paper.

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