Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities
One group that has always interested me was the students with learning disabilities and learning how they adapt to it and work through it to be almost an invisible group.  This plays into by career field because of the program planning aspect and making sure that I am producing program that will be all inclusive and helping everyone.
Having had many friends that have had disabilities and have had trouble making the transition to college because of the lack of understanding and not taking advantage of some situations that were available to them.  A lot of the time they are not seen as having a disability and are more looked at as dumb or not able to cut it.  This can lead to a lot of social anxiety and alcoholism and not making it through these years of college the way that they are fully capable of doing.  I’ve had good friends drop out because of their invisible disability and the demons that creep up from them.
From my point of view I see that the activation of this category in the community reduces the rate of unemployment, homelessness and crime. They are able to output, why not entrust them with simple actions in order to make them as active member of the community. Also, on the other hand human history proves that many people with limited mental who have difficulty Learning have become the most famous scientists , for example, Einstein
However, as a teacher of Arabic language in the past I was proud of one of my students that suffer from speech difficulties but nevertheless was a great writer of poetry. Ultimately, I believe that every member of this community, both from healthy people or those with limited mental capacity has the right to prove himself and makes difference in his/ her community.

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Your chosen topic is not clear. Please explain in detail what you believe to be the major characteristics of your culture. Please be more specific about your future career. Which grade level and content are do you plan to teach?
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